Master Forge Grills are made to facilitate grilling and baking without destroying the aroma and texture of food. These are available in 3-burner to 9-burner models. Of all the models available, 4-burner model is very popular. Master Forge Grills of 4-burner type model are the best among big box brand grills. Rotisserie burners are mounted in rear side in these burners along with the 4 main burners. Common features include a side burner on each side table; one of these side burners is infrared.  These grills are priced below $ 500 and are made mostly by Chinese companies.

Master Forge Grills is Lowes owned brand in gas grills. Space is a major concern in areas with growing population. Keeping gas grills in such situations becomes a very uncomfortable choice. To overcome the problem of space, Lowes has come up with a small space gas grill model. Master Forge Grills of this type are 2-burner models with small footprint. Double layered hood retains heat very well. This model (# MFA350CNP) belongs to top of the line in grills and is available at an affordable price of $ 200.It is imported from China by the GHP group Inc exclusively for Lowe’s.


Model # 3218LT is the only model of Master Forge Grills, made in USA. It is loaded with features like 55,000 BTU of total output from the burners. It consists of 5-burners and a full length rear mounted rotisserie. Side burners provide 10,000 BTU output .Ignition is of electronic type (requires AA-battery type). Main body is made of cast aluminum and other body parts are of powder coated 304 stainless steel. Propane tank, rotisserie kit and cover are sold separately. Onward Manufacturing Company of Canada is the manufacturer of these Master Forge Grills. Price ranges from $499 to $599.

9-Burner model of Master Forge grills looks more like a burner island with three side burners, one infrared and two standard burners. It is a low-quality burner made completely of steel. This giant-size burner has everything including a cover. It hardly reaches showrooms and is made on special order only. It is helpful in cooking large meals like 60 hamburgers at a time. This burner is more of a thing to flaunt then to use. Stainless steel used is of low quality. 9-burner Master Forge Grills are highly fuel-consuming and giant size of 8 feet end to end does not make them a favorite among users.